Fa-Harra F. Vision

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Fa-Harra Farmer was born in Memphis, TN.  He was raised by his mother and stepfather along with three other siblings. Fa-Harra spent most of his life in Westwood, attending Westwood Elementary and later becoming a graduate of Westwood High School. During his time at Westwood High, Fa-Harra became a leader well known for his attributes to his school as well as his peers. He was voted Mr. School Spirit by his classmates and along with 11 others co-founded Alpha Chi in 1999, an award winning high school fraternity that still thrived in the commmunity years after Fa-Harra had departed. After high school his drive to suceed continued and by 2004 he had completed college as a Master Barber.

          Throughout his entire life Fa-Harra was surrounded by music. During his time in college, his passion for it took a more serious turn. He and his cousin, Glenn(Chozen) Bridgefourth, took a shot at an idea they called Blackwood. The idea was to bring Westood and Whitehaven artists together. Blackwood was short lived but it ended up being the foundation for his first music label NiteRida ENT(etiNRida). NiteRida lasted from 2005-2010. In 2010 the four members of the label, Fa-Harra, iDaly Maceano, Casey Jones and Omega Forte changed the name of the label to iVision Digital. Today iVision Digital thrives both online and throughout the city of Memphis, winning such accolades as the 2012 Memphis choice award, a Knock Down Award nomination, and becoming a country wide brand with iVisionDigitalEyewear.com and other paraphernalia.

Fa-Harra F. Vision



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